Narsee Monjee Family Background

Our family, the Narsee Monjee family, has been one of the oldest families staying in Vile Parle. Since 1929, the founding trustees – Shri Chatrabhuj Narsee, Shri Pratap Narsee & Shri Dharamshi Narsee and their families have been residing here and all the three were brought up and had the school education in Vile Parle. Their next generation Mr. Jairaj C. Thacker, Mr. Vinay Pratap & Mr. Jayesh D. Thacker have followed the same suit & now it is the 4th generation following the same footsteps. We have grown and prospered here and we believe it is our solemn duty to share that prosperity with the community.
Shri Narsee Monjee, was born more than 120 years ago, in the year 1887, in a remote village of Kutch. At the tender age of eleven he came to ‘Mumbai’ at the turn of the century to earn a livelihood. At that time he was hardly literate even in Gujarati. By dint of hardwork and determination he learnt not only Gujarati, and Accounts, but also acquired functional command in English, Hindi and Marathi.

He started his career as a hawker. He tried his hand at various trades and businesses, struggling to create a niche for himself. At one time he became one of the leading share brokers in Bombay Stock Exchange. Having experienced fluctuations of fortune and a severe setback in the Stock Exchange he decided to set up an industry.

In these early years of struggle the qualities which did not allow him to succumb to the dismal circumstances were Self Reliance, Self Respect and Entrepreneurial Insight. Not only did he survive but ultimately succeeded and prospered, because of his indomitable spirit and abiding faith in the Divine. In his inimitable way he always used to say ‘One should always have trust in God’.
Shri Narsee Monjee  

He was a self-taught man and was a living example of ‘Learn while you Earn’. He strongly believed in ‘A Sound Mind in a Sound Body’.The vicissitudes through which he had to pass, instead of weakening him added steel to his character, and made him sympathetic towards the needy.Throughout his life he supported educational and other humanitarian causes.

He established Golden Tobacco in 1930 and nurtured it in very adverse and hostile environment of the British Monopoly in the cigarette industry. He showed the same determination and entrepreneurial skills when he established Golden Chemicals ten years later.  Since 1979 we are managing only Golden Chemicals.

Smt. Jamnabai Narsee epitomized the ideals of Indian womanhood in her long life dedicated to the welfare of her family. Her silent and understanding support was a great comfort to Shri Narsee Monjee while he was facing many ups and downs in his business. She led a simple, selfless life full of piety and tolerance. She was a self-effacing person who would not harm even an insect. Throughout her life her only concern was the well being of her family. She did not leave the care and upbringing of children to servants but personally looked after all of them, instilling in them the basic qualities of discipline and respect for the elders. Though belonging to the older generation her approach to religion was much more humanistic. She was religious in the true sense of the word. She had inherited the total faith in the Divine from her father.
Smt. Jamnabai Narsee