Founder Trustees

Shri Dharamshi Narsee Shri Chatrabhuj Narsee Shri Pratap Narsee

A torch cannot be lit without a flame. The teacher, like a flame, has to enlighten her ward.
Education is a blend of ‘ahara’ (right food), ‘vihara’ (right attitude), ‘achara’ (right behaviour) and ‘vichara’ (right thought).
Learning must be a joyful experience.

The child must learn to excel for his own sake. Self-study must be an integral feature of the child’s education.
A teacher must be an eternal learner – therefore in-service training is of primary importance.
In all aspects of school management and administration, extravagance must be curtailed and values of thrift encouraged.

In order to achieve excellence, the student must be health-conscious and work towards physical fitness.
Play is as important as academic work – maximum use must be made of the school playground and play areas within the compound.
The institution is more important
than the individual.


All the three brothers – Shri Chatrabhuj Narsee, Shri Pratap Narsee & Shri Dharamshi Narsee, due to the untimely death of their father in 1944, had to leave study immediately after their school education and join the family business in quick succession in the years 1941, 44 and 46.

Due to their qualities of Hard work, Dedication, Integrity, Assertiveness & Magnanimity and giving due credit to God’s Blessings, in the ensuing decades; they took the family business to new heights of prosperity. Their contribution towards the society by setting up various educational institutions and donations to hospitals and innumerable organizations will be remembered by the generations to come. Major credit for the development of Juhu Vile Parle Development Scheme and Vile Parle as a educational hub, thus resulting in a flourishing residential area, can be associated to their vision and untiring effort throughout their lifetime.